Monday, January 25, 2021

2020 Year End Update | What A Year It's Been for Real Estate!


Well, what a year this has been!

I hope that this post finds you all healthy and safe.

From a real estate perspective, we were poised to have a great 2020 before the pandemic hit.

However, looking back at the numbers we did fairly well overall.

But the numbers don't tell the exact picture of what really happened in the marketplace.

More on that later...

Absorption Rate

Hoboken: 19.15 weeks, +13.34%
Downtown Jersey City: 27.75 weeks, +16.46%

As the market shut down for a few months, it was to be expected that inventory would linger on 
the market a bit longer.  I'm actually surprised at the rather small improvements that were seen in both markets.

Pending Sales 

Hoboken: 153.83, -.43%
Downtown Jersey City: 124.33, -4.36%

Again, there was an expectation that pending sales would plummet as the market came to a screeching halt.  Fortunately, that wasn't the case.

Days on Market

Hoboken: 41, +19.35%
Downtown Jersey City: 42 days, +7.90%

Modest increases here...same story.

Total Yearly Sales

Hoboken: 788, -5.40%
Downtown Jersey City: 536, -7.90%

With 2-3 months of no activity it's expected that overall sales slowed down. 

Hoboken - Price Per Square Foot

Studio: $523.97/sq.ft., -27.25%

1BR: $732.38/sq.ft., +1.75%

2BR: $712.44/sq.ft., +2.04%

3BR: $725.46/sq.ft., -3.36%

It's interesting that 1 and 2BR units eked out small increases, but not surprising at all that 3BR units dropped 3.36%.  Many families that would upgrade to 3BR units and then move to the suburbs decided to go right to the suburbs instead.  This is why the suburbs are in such high demand right now.  There are also many 3BR sellers wondering why they had to go over asking price in the suburbs and they are struggling to find one buyer for their 3BR home here.

Price Per Square Foot-Downtown Jersey City

1BR: $750.58/sq.ft., -2.16%

2BR: $724.22/sq. ft., -7.50%

3BR: $688.41/sq.ft., -4.52%

Following the downward sales trend, downtown Jersey City posted decreases in all market segments this year.  The story is identical to Hoboken, a slower market and 3BR buyers jumped over Jersey City to move to the suburbs.

The other issue that we experienced this year is that many buyers are not attached to being as close to the PATH train as in years past because they're not working in the city for the foreseeable future .  Properties that are farther back in town with outdoor space and parking sold very well this year.

As was the case last year. 2017/2018 price per square foot pricing is now our target to beat...which I know we will.  It's just matter of when it will happen.

Happy Hunting!

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Great Signs of Market Improvement | December 2020 Real Estate Update



December 2020 Real Estate Report


For the third month in a row inventory decreased in Hoboken to just 12.20 weeks.  This is always a good indicator of sales activity in the upcoming 30-60 days.

1, 2 and 3 BR units all saw price decreases over last month as the market still lagged a bit from the sluggish last few months.

Days on the market increased by 25.81% to 39 days for closed sales.

Downtown Jersey City

Available inventory decreased by 34.71% to 18.36 weeks as the market starts to heat up a bit.

The increase in activity is backed up by an increase in pending sales of 7.28% to 162 units.

With the pace of sales and pending sales increasing we may start moving back into seller's market territory.

Pricing increased 1.41% for 1BR units and dropped 5.13% for 2BR units.  2BR sales were down a whopping 23.43% when compared to this time past year.

3BR sales slipped 11.34%, but it was only based on a few sales which is why pricing for this segment is always so volatile.

Days on the market decreased 13.04% to 40 days.


I'm starting to see signs that the market is improving.  In both Hoboken and downtown Jersey City, we saw the pace of sales and pending sales increase. 

Days on the market increased, but that is reflecting sales that were under contract in the past 30-60 days. The increase in days on the market will continue to increase for next month or so as we shake off the sluggish last few months.

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