Friday, January 19, 2018

2017 Hoboken/Downtown Jersey City End of Year Summary-WOW!

It's end of year report time!  

I'm happy to report that we had another amazing year.

Pricing decreased in 2017 in only 3 out of 10 pricing categories that I cover.  This was fueled by an overall increase in demand coupled with fewer units listed for sale in both Hoboken and downtown Jersey City.

Read below the chart for my full commentary.

Absorption Rate

Hoboken: 11.49 weeks, +25.11%
Downtown Jersey City: 10.72 weeks, +3.53%

For the second year in a row, properties lingered on the market a bit longer.  Normally this would be a cause for concern, but the decrease in the overall number of properties listed for sale has helped to bolster pricing to record levels in most categories.

Pending Sales 

Hoboken: 190.5,  +2.26%
Downtown Jersey City, 135, -16.50%

Pending sales increased in Hoboken which is surprising given the limited inventory.  Pending sales did decrease in downtown Jersey City last year, but there were many sales in very large buildings that weren't listed on the local MLS.  I can only go by the data that I can access.

Total Transactions

Hoboken: 892, -4.80%
Downtown Jersey City: 678, -12.29%

As was the case last year, the lack of inventory in Hoboken and downtown Jersey City is the main reason for a reduction in total transactions.  

Price Per Square Foot-Hoboken

Studio: $796.79/sq.ft., +.7.31%

1BR: $714.32/sq.ft., +2.36%

2BR: $740.29/sq.ft., +10.28%

3BR: $669.75/sq.ft., -5.78%

While 3BR led the way for 2016, they were the slowest performing category for Hoboken in 2017.  2BR showed strong growth with a 10.28% increase.  We've 

Price Per Square Foot-Newport

1BR: $873.38/sq.ft., -3.61%

2BR: $820.91/sq.ft., +2.97%

3BR: $722.03/sq.ft., -3.26%

2BR units led the Newport market again for 2017, but with a gain of just 2.97%.  It's a bit off of the 17.01% increase we saw last year.  Last year was a bit of anomaly with pricing jumping so much. 2BR units were a little undervalued last year which is why we saw such a large increase.

It's shocking that 1BR pricing didn't increase given the demand of Newport 1BR units. 

3BR unit also dropped, but I don't find a lot of the 3BR floor plans very appealing in the Newport area.  It seems sometimes like they're trying to cram a 3BR unit into an area that would be better suited for a 2BR unit

Price Per Square Foot-Downtown Jersey City

1BR: $776.21/sq.ft., +8.31%

2BR: $742.98/sq. ft., +8.12%

3BR: $777.51/sq.ft., +24.05%

Now the real story this year is again downtown Jersey City. Every market segment posted tremendous gains.  

3BR growth was once again off the charts with a 24.05% increase for 2017, which follows up a 22.59% increase last year.  Families are moving to downtown Jersey City in droves for it's beautiful parks, lovely streets, small town charm and proximity to New York City.  It has more of a Brooklyn/hipster vibe than Hoboken and many people like that.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

December 2017 Hoboken/Jersey City Real Estate Update-Hoboken Breaks 3BR Record....Again.

Happy New Year!

My year end report will be published shortly.

For now, here are the December 2017 stats.

Pending sales dipped significantly for downtown Jersey City and dropped slightly for Hoboken.  This is a big drop for downtown JC, but I'm not sure why. 

Total transactions remained relatively stable for both areas in December.

3BR sales in Hoboken surged to a record-setting price of $836.53/sq. ft. and beat the record of $831.09/sq. ft. set in November 2016. Wow.

3BR sales in Newport dropped 57.63% in December, but there are so few 3BR sales in that area that it doesn't make me that concerned.

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