Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hoboken/Jersey City 2015 Year-End Summary-What an Amazing Year!

I know a lot of my readers have been asking for my 2015 update, so here it is.

How did we do?  Very well actually.

What's the biggest surprise?  For 2015, pricing for 1BR and studio condos outperformed 2BR and 3BR condos in all market segments.  I thought for sure 2BR and 3BR would be the leaders, but this isn't what data says.

On average there were more pending sales per month in 2015, with less inventory every month which is what's keeping the market so strong.

It's very interesting to see how much pricing has increased over the last several years.

Growth has been significant and I know that many other surrounding areas haven't seen this level of growth.

Will this trend continue for 2016?  

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2015 Year-End Summary

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