Friday, August 3, 2012

1BR Average $524/sq.ft., 2BR Average $482/sq.ft.-29 SALES! -Hoboken Sales Update-August 3, 2012

There were a total of 29 sales this week in Hoboken.

1 BR condos continues their strong performance this week with an average sales price of $524/sq.ft.  Three of the five sales this week were over $500/sq.ft. with a surprisingly high sale of $549/sq. ft. at 739 Park.

There were 18 sales in the 2 BR market this week-WOW!  I can't remember that last time I've seen this many 2 BR sales in one week.  What's more impressive is that the average sales price is $482/sq.ft.

Even the 3BR market did well this week with an average sales price of $458/sq.ft.

This was a very impressive week.

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