Thursday, May 5, 2011

Market Gains Momentum-Stats Update-April, 2011

Absorption Rate
I'm happy to report that inventories are down in both Hoboken and downtown Jersey City. As a result the absorption rate for Hoboken is down 24.2% from last month and downtown Jersey City is down a whopping 33.6%. This can't any more clear of a sign that the market is stabilized and starting to strengthen.

Pending Sales
Pending sales for March soared 22.6% for Hoboken and 15.82% for downtown Jersey City last month. This is great news and shows that the market is getting stronger.

The number of transactions for Hoboken is up 209% from March and is actually down 13.9% from April, 2010. Last April is when we were in the craziness of the $8000 closing credit. Downtown Jersey City is up 14.9% from last month and is up 4.07% from April 2010.

Price Per Square Foot-Hoboken
Price per square foot prices for 1BR and 2BR condos in Hoboken were basically flat this month. 1BR prices were down 6.6% from March, 2010 and 2BR prices are down 2.5% from March, 2010.

3BR prices are down 2.4% for last month and up 16.2% when compared to March, 2010. The lack of good 3BR on the market has been helping to keep 3BR unit prices stable.

Price Per Square Foot-Newport
1BR prices in the Newport area are down 13.4% compared to last month and down 9.2% compared to April, 2010. There have been a few short sales that have been dragging prices down.

2BR prices are down 16.4% from last month and 19.2% as compared to April, 2010. This is mainly due to several low price per square foot sales at 700 Grove.

Price Per Square Foot-Downtown
1BR prices are down 19.1% this month and down 3.2% from April, 2010 which wipes out most of the strong gains from last month

2BR prices are basically flat from last month and are actually up 2.08% from April, 2010. In general, there are always more 2BR for sale than 1BR units.

We've actually had some 3BR sales were up 19.58% from last month and are down 4.1% from April, 2010. There aren't a lot of 3BR sales but it's still good to see where prices are for these units.

Overall, things are picking up speed.

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